Redland Farm Life is a domestic nursery that also specializes in wholesale exports to the Caribbean with the most unique ornamental landscape plants and trees in all of South Florida. Our green thumbs have over 45 years of exceptional experience growing and sourcing first-class plants and palms. It’s our promise that any of our beautiful selections will captivate and enhance your landscape. We have options from field grown to containers, along with our dazzling exotics and natives. We can help you with your landscape and broker needs! There is no job too large for our experts to handle. Utilize us, as our mastered experience in wholesale export can get you on your way to those immaculate landscaping desires.

Lawrence Dreese, our professional landscape designer who has worked on high end projects such as Atlantis, Baha Mar, Bimini Bay, Bakers Bay, Linden Pindling Airport, Nevis and all the Virgin Islands is ready to assist with his personalized service. His passion in design leads him to only grow and source the finest plants and trees. Call Redland Farm Life for your next landscaping dream! Percentage of consolidations are welcomed.